Alcoholics Anonymous Step Five - Getting Ris of the Yuck!

Step five of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program is, in a way, a direct follow-up to step four. This step encourages members to share the discoveries from step four.

Step Five - Admitted to God,to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

This is a tough doubt about it. Heavy drinkers who find themselves in Alcoholics Anonymous have usually been through the ringer. Many of us did everything we could do before asking for help.

A Drinking Life and AA

Alcohol has a funny place in modern culture. On one hand drinking is widely accepted. The beer and liquor industries spend a fortune advertising their products. With long term exposure to these messages, it's easy to believe that we should all be drinking every day.

On the other hand, there is little tolerance for anyone who "can't handle his liquor". So, those of us who fall into this former category understand, almost intuitively, that we must hide our shameful weakness.

So when we stumble into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and hear that part of the recovery process is to share our secrets with someone we resist with every ounce of our being. Our instincts, honed by years of drinking, encourage us to hold back.

AA Sponsorship

Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that new members find a "sponsor" as soon as possible upon joining AA. Having a qualified sponsor helps in a number of ways. Hopefully, the member will have built a strong, trust-based relationship with his sponsor by having regular conversations and working through the earlier steps with him. The fifth step is one of the crucial points in recovery when having that sponsor is so important.

While we can take the fifth step with anyone, a sponsor is a natural choice for this endeavor.

Why Alcoholics Should Do Step Five

I was told that "my secrets keep me sick" when I first asked for help overcoming my drinking problem. That means that all the shame, regret, anger, resentment and fear I carry around holds me back from living a happy, fulfilling life.

Did I have a lot of that "yuck" inside me? Yes I did! Was it hard for me to lay it on the table for someone else to look at? Absolutely! Did I feel better after I did it? Better than I ever thought possible.

When I got to the fifth step I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and pushed forward. I thought I was going to die. Not only did I survive, but I felt overwhelming relief for having completed the step. My skeletons exposed, I could then move forward to thoroughly clean house.

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